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Freestyle: My Truth.

It’s been 21 years since they’ve last touched me

And yet here I am every fall and winter, in shambles

See I don’t remember the exact time

I just remember the cold

I remember what happened when I tried and told

You what those fools were doing to me

Instead of protecting me, you chastised me

You sent me in the cold with my purple jacket on

You whipped my ass, and lied to my mom later on

But how else was I supposed to speak my truth?

You know, that your seed had been molesting me?

That your seed had been raping me?

That your seed had scared me

Into believing my life would be gone, if I ever told a soul?

You know how it felt being 6 years old?

7, 8, 9 and 10?

Didn’t know the value of what was between my legs

And instead of protecting me, you took a blind eye

You knew what was happening, remember you made me swear?

On the Bible, that what you saw wasn’t there?

People always wonder why I don’t come around.

It’s cause every time I’ve tried, you’re there.

And I promised I’d take y’all names to my grave

But I will never suffer in silence again

This year is the last year, you’ll have power over me.