She Stayed…

She began to cry more tears Held on to more fears Scared to walk away she stayed...defeated Her needs have gone ignored Her desires she no longer adorns She wants to walk away she stayed... defeated Fights back and forth in her mind Does she stay or go this time Said she can't take it… Continue reading She Stayed…


Love Suicide – Intro Poem

I remember when my heart sought refuge with you Now it seems to seek refuge from you How could a love so amazing turn so cold Two people with the same past, same current want the same future become so incompatible  How is it that we can love it and hate it Saying that it's… Continue reading Love Suicide – Intro Poem


Unconditional love…

*spoken word originally written/posted 2016* I love super hard.  It's something ppl "admire"  I "love like you've never been hurt" but I hurt, a lot and way too much, yet all I have in my heart is love to give.  Unconditionally. I want that.  Unconditional - good bad right wrong - love.  Someone who sees… Continue reading Unconditional love…


I wish

I wish *sigh* I wish you knew the way my body craves you See cause - when I'm not with you my body is weak My breathings fatigued My lady gets these urges, like she's calling your name And I don't even know why you got me this way No man has ever had me… Continue reading I wish

Insatiable Desires · Poetry

Sometimes, you just… 😏

Sometimes, you just gotta lay it the fuck down Bite my neck, baby pull my hair Leave not one inch of my body untouched It's your playground and I love the rush... The excitement you fill me with... Leaves my legs shakin and body convulsin My favorite part is when I feel your explosion 😏… Continue reading Sometimes, you just… 😏


Unexpected Love 💚

Crazy how life can shake you up Cause I wasn't looking for you, no I was cool enjoying my life, dipping in waters But your wave was a different type of current See I tried to tell myself not to think about you But the ying to my yang, once we crossed paths our magnets… Continue reading Unexpected Love 💚


Givin’ up on love 💔

When do you decide that enough is enough? At what point does self love take lead over regular love? How many tears will you cry before you realize that you need to give up on this love? They say love is a choice and commitment meaning it's a feeling you can control.. So why is… Continue reading Givin’ up on love 💔