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So thanks to one of my lovely twitter followers, I have inspiration to blog today!


First let me state: I agree with this wholeheartedly, and before you get in your feelings, she’s not slut shaming. The premise of the conversation on Twitter was about how some women use sex to force men into relationships, and then talk trash about them when their expectations aren’t met. My response is simple: FUCKING YOURSELF, STOPS YOU FROM FUCKING THE WRONG PERSON.

Now, on to my juiciness.

Let’s Talk about M A S T U R B A T I O N

There was a time where I thought masturbation was nasty, unhealthy and I swore against it. It wasn’t until I was probably 20, with a newborn and my man at the time (my ex-husband) was in Africa on duty. I mean that tingly feeling my lady friend gave off, had me enraged. I was seriously ready to fuck whatever I could, to rid myself of that burning desire to be fucked and sucked like crazy. An old friend of mine suggested I go toy shopping, and I was all like HELL NAH. Not using my fingers! Not sticking a fake dick in me when I have a man, what kinda shit was that?

She talked me down, and told me to go. So we went toy shopping. I bought my first vibrator and I named him Mr. Oooh. Can I say, within one week I was super turned out? LMFAO. I wrote and recorded a whole song about masturbation, vibrators and the way they made me feel. I’ll have to find it and upload it for yall. But seriously, as the pic above says and as I firmly believe, masturbating as a woman, stops you from being with the wrong person sexually. I can say, making love to myself, has been the best experience ever (Here’s my favorite self-love song. Hey K. Michelle). I know what I like, I know what I don’t like. I know what makes me go wild. Being comfortable with making love to yourself, improves your performance with your partner, because you know your body and know what you need, and baby if you gotta teach him/her, or take over to get yours, DO IT.

I dug a little deeper and wanted to give yall some reasons why you should do it, if you don’t; and why you should continue, if you do.

  1. It makes you happier:
    Yes! Busting a nut, makes us happier. During orgasms, our bodies release oxytoxcin and endorphins dopamine. Gives you a natural high. Thus a happier person.
    I masturbate twice a day – in the morning to get my day started and at night before bed. I carry a mini bullet in my purse at all times, you know. Just in case my glow starts to fade.

  2. You self-esteem increases:
    You become more comfortable with your body. As you explore, you find what you like and what you don’t.
    With my weight loss, I have to learn my body all over again, and its made me fall back in love with ME!

  3. Improved Sex Life:
    Again, you learn what you like, what you don’t. It makes you more confident in bed with your partner, because you can either tell your lover or take over, and that confidence that they see, drives them to continuously please you.
    I love knowing what makes me go. It prevents the awkward moment of questions during sex. I can tell you what I want, or I’ma do what I want and you just gotta get on board.

  4. Eases body and menstrual pain:
    Because of the endorphins released, it cures body pain as if you’ve taken pain medicine and the uterine contractions you fell, helps makes the blood come out faster. Thus, ending the cycle sooner.
    I tested this theory. My menses without sex or masturbation, lasts up to 3 days longer than it did with sex or masturbation involved. Don’t believe me? Try it! (Shout out to men who run red lights!)

  5. Its feels FUCKING AMAZING
    You deserve some me time. Period. Why not make yourself feel all sexy?
    I seriously set my mood with candles, music, some wine, fresh batteries and a nice porn flick. Kids sleep? My time!

With me being single and not into causal sex, this has been the best thing for me. Granted, I miss penis, and cannot wait to find a man who will lay that dick, this is a great alternative. I have tons of toys, and switch it up often to avoid getting bored or getting used to what I have.

Until next time, take time and make love to yourself, and if you want, share with me how you feel. I promise it does nothing but increase your happiness and boosts your esteem, not just sexually either. I wouldn’t be half the woman I am if I wasn’t in love with my mind, BODY and spirit.

Gon now, girl. Get you some You!


GirlStuff: Femly Box!

My loves!!!

 I’ve found a new product I want to share with you guys. I had the pleasure of connecting with this beautiful spirit Mrs. Arion Long! While networking, we connected and she has this AMAZING product that I am just TOO excited about! Arion is the founder of #FemlyBox!

If you’ve followed us on twitter, you’ll know that I’ve already begun raving about this subscription box. Femly, is a monthly subscription that *drum rolls* IS FOR AUNTIE FLOW!

Femly is an organically made sanitary product for us. Arion, had been diagnosed with a cervical tumor, which prompted her research and studying when she found that her symptoms were reactions from sanitary products that we buy in the store.

Now this, is big for me because I suffer from benign ovarian cysts/tumors and am often told “we won’t bother it unless it bothers you”. Her story alone, makes me wonder if this is why I have the issues I have.


Upon looking at Femly’s site, I figure this would also be a great thing for my daughter who’s going through puberty. Where I wanted to go and buy her a nice little “it’s my time of the month” kit, I saw that Femly had everything she would need. Why? Because it gives her body an opportunity to go through the process without the toxins being sent into her young body, it’s discreet; the upgraded subscription comes with body care goodies and SNACKS (LOL) and it’s got cute packaging. Seriously, I don’t know about y’all, but cute sanitary packaging kind of helps to ease the pain and the agony. (Seriously, I buy Kotex in the box because the wrapping is pretty).


Femly uses anion technology which is a strip in the pad that helps alleviate cramps, odors, itchiness, discomfort and fights off bacteria. So yeah that gross, bloody smell and that nasty wet feeling, boop, gone.


I’ve stated before I want to provide a network of resources that aids buying black power in the black community, but to also look out for us women as a whole!

Currently, Femly is going through the manufacturing stage and is raising money to keep the subscription boxes low, and affordable. You can pre-order your box catered to your flow for as low as $8, with free shipping! Bundle packages are available as well and again, if you upgrade, THERE’S SNACKS! (I’m really excited about that part, lol).

The other big deal to this is, Femly will be housed in Baltimore which means, MORE JOBS!!

Please check out her site, support her movement and spread the word! It can save a life, seriously!



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