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#MommyMondays: Our Babies…

Hey, My loves!!

Happy #MommyMonday! As always, I hope you had a bomb weekend, and that your week is off to a great start. This weekend, one of my GGFs, a few other ladies, and myself, hosted a brotherhood workshop for young men. They learned how to tie the Windsor Knot, they learned about the importance of their role at home, but also the importance of unity and uniting with all of their brothers. It was amazing, and again, special shouts to the men who came and devoted their time. The village needs more men like that.

B.A.E News: It’s also #UnboundedMonday! Make sure you download the VVC Radio app and check out The Unbonded Show, tonight! Catch up on all our juiciness online at VVC Radio! Tomorrow is my #Flirty30!! I’m super excited. I am working on my YouTube video and I hope to have it uploaded tomorrow. I’m psyched!! Still accepting gifts, so feel free to just use this link here $AshleighNoelle.

Also, I started our facebook group Silent Conversations. A lot of you reach out ot me and asked me to create a safe space and I did that. So please feel free to click the link and join.

-Our Babies-

Sadly, we all are way too familiar with these mass shootings, and school shootings. To familiar that, I didn’t know about the shooting in Florida until a day later. I remember browsing the news and I said “Oh wow, another shooting” and turned off my TV. It’s that normalcy that has a lot of us ignoring the gun violence because we are so used to it. My loves, I am scared for OUR children, and when I say our, I truly am scared for ALL OF OUR BABIES, but I am beyond scared for OUR babies, you know, black kids?

See President Dude (Thanks, DeRay), thinks its a good idea to arm teachers. Arm them so that in the event there is an active shooter, they can try to calm the situation, save their students and themselves. But, what happens when its a teacher who can’t handle “that” kid? You know, the kid who has struggle at home, comes to school and gets bullied? That kid who becomes reactive instead of proactive? Or what about that one teacher, you know, scared but trigger happy? The teacher who is paranoid around “those” people, you know brown people? What happens when there is a misconstrued interaction and boom, “Teacher shot and killed a student on campus today”. Is that what we’re coming to?

Baltimore has been labeled the most violent city recently. They want armed officers in our schools. Yet our city still hasn’t healed from Freddie Gray. These young kids, who’ve never had a police interaction, are by default paranoid and scared. Honestly, my kids see police cars or hear sirens and you know what I hear from them? “I hope they don’t get us dead too”. We have to find a better way to protect our babies. But how? How do we teach them about their gut feelings and how to act in situations, we as parents haven’t experienced? When I was in school we were doing fire and bomb drills, now they’re doing active shooter drills. I’m just scared, the world is so cruel, and sometimes, I wish I would’ve gotten out more, lived a little before I had my children because I probably wouldn’t have brought them into this world.

After this weekend,  and watching the men come and play a role in the lives of little boys they don’t even know, I seriously urge you, get your village together for these babies. They need strong and positive reinforcement in their lives. If you have that blended family thing going on and it’s not 100% get it there. I feel like, without the village, we have so many struggling single black mothers, who need help with their children. Imagine if we all worked together like our families used to? Imagine if you were a positive and motivating force in a child’s life. One thing I learned, it doesn’t take much to inspire our babies to want and to be better, they just need that push and support.

Talk to me! How do you feel about the attacks on schools? How do you prepare your child for these incidents that are becoming more common than not? I’d love to hear from you.

Last night, I prayed on a fallen star, that you’ll never have a broken heart.
Though the world is cold, please remeber who you are.
And I pray, that you never have a rainy day
And no matter what the people say
In your darkest hour, I’ll help guide your way…
This is a mothers, prayer….
– K. Michelle

Until Next Time…



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