Random Thoughts of Ashleigh Noelle

Beating Anxiety

Hey my loves;
Let me just say that life is happening, and it’s so hard to keep up with everything. But I am so thankful ya still here and you haven’t given up on me. WHOOP WHOOP!

This weekend I had the pleasure of linking with a lot of beautiful souls and we rented a private theater to see the Black Panther Movie. First of all, can I just say I am IN love with how the movie was dripping with melanin! God, just all types of sexiness on the screen, both men, and women. I loved watching Black Women be the front line, as always, but letting it be known, I love you, but I will kill you over what I stand for! (ooookkkaaay Okoye!!) There were so many messages in this movie and I’m definitely gonna see it a second time.

This weekend was essentially big for me because I faced one of my biggest anxiety triggers alone. Being around people in a social environment and not clutching to my phone. The group that I went out with, is actually a big group on facebook and we all live within the Baltimore, DMV area so the meetup was perfect. I can always socialize with people more online than I can in person just because of my anxiety and my overthinking abilities.

This time was the complete opposite! I took time to manage my anxiety prior to the hour ride and found ways to maintain while I was out of my comfort zone. I started with my love for MJ of course, but I also took my sage and lavender incense with me. I was able to set them up in my car and while I rode to jams, my incense burned and calmed my spirit.

My initial act of setting off in the corner alone, started until I saw my babies J. Moncheri, and Mia. My ggf got there shortly after and my anxiety was super calm. I went from quiet and being alone to not backing down from drunken dares. The only weird thing was this dude walking into the bathroom on me, and then my ggf and really thought he was gonna get some booty cheeks. LMFAO.

The energy I felt from watching Black Panther, the love I felt from my new set of friends, this weekend was nothing short of amazing. I think I’m ending my 20s on a pretty good note. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 30!

I would make a great queen because I am stubborn—if that’s what I wanted.
–Nakia, Black Panther 2018

Talk to me! Did you feel inspired by the Black Panther movie? Have you seen it more than once? What messages stood out to you?

Until next time…





  1. Black Panther was amazing! Between all the eye candy, jokes, and black excellence what was there not to love? I’m glad you were able to overcome your anxiety!


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