#TBHFriday: I Didn’t Plan for Today

Hey my loves;
I hope that you are having an amazing week filled with love, happiness, and success. My week was one of those “I can’t wait until Friday” weeks and here we are!

As you see, I’m trying my best to structure my blog as I have a lot of other things I wanna do with my platform. I’m finding myself scheduling posts again and using colored sticky pads; I feel like a whole grown up now! It’s fun. I’m 25 days away from my 30th birthday, might as well grow up now, right?

So the problem with trying to structure, when I came up with my topic days (#MommyMondays, #GirlsRuleWednesdays, #TBHFridays) I was like “AYEEEEEE, ima kill this blog shit in 2K18”. Yet I find myself, in the same position I find myself every time it’s time to produce content, stuck and baffled asking “what tf am I gonna write?!”

As a creative, it doesn’t take much to get the juices flowing. Between reading my faves or just browsing social media, I try and find inspiration somewhere to write for you guys and TBH I just don’t have it today!

I reached out to my blogger sisters (we’re a unit in this game) and my girl Jas was like “write about that!” I didn’t respond to her response, I just started writing this! I feel as a creative it’s important to show vulnerability in our art. I like letting you know that I’m lost and stuck in the matrix. A lot of you reach out and give me great ideas and topics to write about and I’m THANKFUL!

Sometimes I get discouraged because out of all the bloggers in the world, I question what makes me unique? What will keep you coming back and reading? I pride myself on being authentically me. As I’ve said before I’ve been doing this blog thing since 2015 from Random Thoughts of Ashleigh Noelle to The Girlfriend Column to The Silenced Woman. I’d like to say I been on, #knowme.

But then I remember why I started writing and while I love you all, I didn’t start for you. I started for me and I continued for you, if that makes sense. TSW came into play because I truly felt silenced at that time of my life when I relaunched and redid my blog. It was anonymous, and only those who I told about it, knew about it. My sister said to me:

Stop living in silence and behind your blog. Let your writing be your ministry. Let your tests be your testimony.

 I’ll be honest, I don’t know what’s next to come. But I am enjoying the experience and all the dope people I’m meeting along the way!

Monday, I’m gonna have my birthday wishlist up just in case y’all wanna bless me!!
Tuesday will be a double post day as I will release my nomination acceptance for Sunshine Bloggers and Mystery Bloggers Award!

I love y’all! Have a great weekend! Until next time….




  1. Love! Love! Love!

    You made me cry!! This is what this platform is all about. Being you. Some days we don’t have it but I appreciate you being transparent enough to share this! I cannot wait for all that is to come! Continue to let this be your place to share your testimony! I’m so near for it.

    Yes to 30!!!!! This is our year!!!

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  2. A very honest post! I have also planned my days Mondays is for my motherhood musings and Fridays lifestyle and even still I sometimes get stuck although have an idea it can get difficult to put pen to paper.

    Soffy // themumaffairs.blogspot.com

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    1. I feel like for me this keeps me on topic. I rant write a lot. But I have to remember this isn’t quite my diary. 😩 it’s so hard but I’m sure we’ll get it together! Thank you for reading I’m gonna check your .blog out too!


  3. I love this. I’m an emotional writer except for recipes. I have a ton that I have not posted as they were just outlets for me in a processing journey. And, I get blocked with zero inspiration often wondering too what do I have to offer in such a huge pool of other bloggers.. Finding others who share what my heart feels simply draws me in closer. Thanks for sharing; I’ll be waiting for your next post.

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  4. I am so glad decided to visit your blog. I felt these words. All the way through. This blogger life is HARD and I haven’t being doing it as long as you. I am struggling with trying to be organized, but real talk I am All Over The Place. I appreciate real ones who share the down and dirty of blogging. Great Post!!

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    1. Thank you for reading! You’re absolutely welcome my love! It’s super hard. But once you create your flow you’re good, i promise!
      Do you have groupme or IG? I’m apart of a really good group of bloggers and we aim to support each other and help however we can….

      If not there’s a lot of groups on Facebook that I use. Email me Ashleigh.TSW@gmail.com and I can send you some of the groups I’ve connected with!

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