Random Thoughts of Ashleigh Noelle

Stop Forcing Love

Hey, my loves!
Last night (1/15/18) I had the amazing pleasure to be a special guest on The Unbounded Show with Reyn Supreme (heeyyyy boo), Deezy (heeyyyy boo) and Mister Mahad (heeyyyy boo).

Battle of the Sexes if you wanna check it out! I freestyled!

This weekend I’ve been reassessing some things in my life and my good girlfriend (ggf) came over to discuss her man problems. When you’re single your mindset changes so much. She has been going through the same thing with her guy for almost a year now. Her cycle is repetitive as fuck and honestly quite tiresome.

He cheats
She catches him
She cries, go through the motions, go into “savage mode”
He delivers some slick ass words, a nice date, and some dope dick
She goes back like it never happened.

It’s exhausting because I feel like she constantly goes against her better judgment, because “I love him!” I try and tell my friends don’t listen to your heart, it’s stupid as fuck. Don’t be me…
People period, both men and women will do and treat you however you allow them. I feel like if someone truly loves you they aren’t going to jeopardize anything to hurt you. They’re not gonna play about you. They aren’t going to need a whole lot of chances and dabbing in bed with other people if they love you and really want you. It really breaks my heart to know that honestly a lot of us don’t know what love really is! Love doesn’t hurt, it’s not supposed to and I think it’s super important to know your partner’s love language. (Find Yours Here)
When it comes to love and relationships I feel like that connection HAS to be the most organic from day 1. When two people genuinely mesh with each other with very little effort, that’s when it’s real. It becomes a bit easier to hang out and get to know someone when the energy level is at perfection and that’s what I feel people should look for.

Love is being vulnerable enough to be hurt, but knowing your partner isn’t going to – Mia R. Jackson

I feel like a lot of us force things due to familiarity, the desire of not wanting to start over or the fear of being alone. But why allow yourself to settle for a mediocre relationship? Why allow yourself to lower your standards, wants, needs or dreams because they’re too big for your partner, or doesn’t fit the life you and your partner have created? Stop forcing love, my loves. If it doesn’t set your soul on fire, it doesn’t deserve your time.
If you have to walk away, that hurt you feel is so temporary. That’s probably the one thing my ex was on point about “it’s a time thing. Soon you’ll be feeling better and look back and wonder why you were even feeling bad” AND he was right. I truly look back like – this dude really showed me who he was and didn’t deserve me, my love or my time. Cut all ties and I’ve truly been at my happiest.
We outgrow people, we’re constantly evolving and learning and it’s okay! Stop forcing yourself to be somewhere toxic just because “but I/we are in love”.
Ladies – if he loves you, he’ll come correct and he won’t play about you…
Fellas – if she loves you, she’ll come correct and won’t play about you…

Stop forcing love, it’s like forcing a puzzle piece where it doesn’t belong.

**Silent Conversations is back up and running. Need advice? Relationships? Friendships? Life? Parenting? Career? Hit me up! I have a team of my close friends ready to help. Sometimes you need an opinion from someone who knows nothing about you, outsiders looking in give a different perspective because it’s not biased.**

I missed you guys this week and I hope you all are already having many blessings into the New Year.

Until next time…..


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