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The Shemekka Mindset

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Hey MY LOVES!!!!

So I didn’t want to write about She’s Gotta Have It. But I have too, because all my favorite bloggers who did, didn’t capture the show the way I did. Out of the 4 blogs I read yesterday, everyone raved about how Nola Darling, is this free wild sexual being who doesn’t want to be labeled, doesn’t define herself with labels and she doesn’t take lightly to the disrespect. Which is cool. Now all the Issa Rae’s are Nola Darling’s but nobody touched on Shemekka. Granted, I know Ash, she’s not the main character. But her story, is so much more important than Nola’s, in my opinion.


We were introduced to Shemekka episode 2 as Nola painted Mekka. She wanted to have a bigger butt, long hair and basically be bomb as fuck on paper at the hands of her bestie. She confided that she wanted to get her ass enlarged and Nola was the perfect friend she was real, and gentle with her delivery; however, when we as women wanna do something and feel the slightest bit of resistance from our support group we get defensive, as Mekka did and you shut them out, as Mekka did and 9/10 you find yourself shein some fucked up shit, as Mekka did. Nola touched on Mekka’s daughter and asked her what kind of message is she sending her daughter by changing her body? Million Dollar Question.


Spoiler Mekka eventually got her injections and fell on her ass and it busted, literally, and anything ass enhancement related she wanted thee fuck up out of there.

Women get surgical enhancements, change their faces, their bodies. Women cake on makeup and look like a whole different person but what messages are we sending to our young girls? I never watched my mom do makeup when I was little, she was confident and happy with the way she was and I grew up the same.But our times are different, up until about 25-26, I was pumped to say I was makeup free, weave free more than I had one and I was happy! I could and still can bare face truthfully pull any man I want, but other women, boy….

Women, especially black women, tear each other apart and it’s crazy because a lot of people are fake into energy and chemistry and positive vibes, but will tear down the next chick just because they shared a dick. Her story spoke most to me because I remember being that girl. I remember not being happy with what I had and wanting to change it and wanting everybody on my side and if I didn’t have their support and did it anyway, it ended tragically.

In a world where your looks mean more than anything it seems, how do we teach our daughters to love themselves as they are? To be blessed with what they have? I get it if you don’t like it change it, but if we teach our daughters early that our flaws are what makes us unique. It teaches them to love them and accept them as they are. Everything starts at home, every role as a parent is important. We have to go back to instilling Knowledge is power, books over beauty, and no ashy niggas/hating bitches formed against us shall prosper.

Soo, did yall see the show?? Whats up? Let’s talk about it!


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