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Date Night: What Went Wrong

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My Loves!!

How was your weekend? We gotta talk. Please, please for the life of me, if anyone is paying attention MEN ARE TRASHHHHH!!! Seriously, my love life is trash so let’s talk, everyone loves a good cup of tea on a Monday morning. *Eye Roll*.

So a few days back, an old fling I guess, started liking it up on my IG, I definitely should’ve learned my lesson about men and their double taps on Instagram, I guess I didn’t. So he slid in my DM with the “I love to see the woman you’ve grown into, I’d love to reconnect”. Blah, blah, blah. All that good shit and for me, we broke up in 2006/7, the same year I met him and while I couldn’t really remember WHY, I said meh, I’ll try it. Simply because my therapist said to me, get out the house and if someone offers to entertain me, go for it. So, I did. Me and her gon talk at my next session cause, lawwwwdddd.

I had a rough week and just being me I’m like oh my god, I wanna get away. Baltimore stressing me out I need to relax. Just full blown complained all week (was pms’ing). Then there’s him, pressing for my time, “oh I don’t feel like texting video chat me”, bruh I don’t even LIKE talking on the phone. He kept pressing eventually a few days later I gave in, and while I was cool. It was creepy. I would catch him staring at the screen like cupid shot him, it was weird. I really, really should’ve trusted my gut lmfao. So, (this is important), he invites me out this weekend to hang with him and his friends for a birthday. Originally, he said Friday night we’d all be out, Saturday he and I would go do something and then back with his friends Saturday evening. He was pumped about a two thousand dollar commission check and everything. I asked on Friday what was the move, and he stated, his friends never got back to him about Friday night, so he was just gonna take me to dinner and probably movies or bowling. So I’m like okay, cool.

He goes to see his plug, comes to grab me, we smoke a little bit. Like literally half a blunt, and headed to Greenbelt from Baltimore. We got to this really dope ass Mexican restaurant called Chevy’s and we at the bar just kicking it. I had me a drank, he had whatever he had, and we just geeking, I was, in my head, legit just kicking it with a friend. So the bill 52.64 comes, and his vibe went from cool friend to broke boy, so I’m like, you good? Do I need to pay my half and he’s like OMG, yes you’re a sweetie. So at this point, I am blown because why am I paying, if you invited me out? I paid my half and was ready to go home. We head to the car, and he kept asking me what was wrong. Bitch, you knew and I was just like I’m ready to go home. Noticing he passed the 295 Exit to Baltimore, I’m thinking maybe he’s driving another way, and we end up in a residential area, he drove passed his street and all “hey this is where I live by the way”. Flips a U-turn and said he wanted to put the weed in the house because he didn’t want to drive with it in his car. Just kinda fuck the fact he drove from Laurel to Baltimore to Greenbelt and now his house in Silver Spring, bruh, I’m fuming.

He goes and puts the weed in his house and I saw he switched from his contacts to his glasses, he goes from oh my god, I’m hot to oh my god, I’m so high and I am so careless at this point. I’m like okay, cool, can you take me home, I’m ready to go. Like I’m not stupid, I knew exactly what he was doing. So he’s like yeah I got you, I’ma run to the bathroom real quick, you can come up if you want, and I’m like nah. So he goes to the bathroom, supposedly, and texts me “I have a really bad hernia, and sometimes it acts up on me”. My loves, I hit the floor. I’m like oh okay, well whats your address so I can lyft home? He went from “I need you. I’m way too high”, to “too in pain and needing rest”, to “too high” again before he gave in and gave me his direct address. I finally got my Lyft and headed back home to Baltimore from Silver Spring. I texted him the next day hoping that he felt better and requested the money I spent back, and he’s yet to respond. Says the night went sideways, and he wants to try again, and I’m like BOY! Give me my damn money! So, I leave you with these lessons, because my ass knew better. I usually follow these, but I relaxed my standards, again and I will never do that again. Being bored, makes you do dumb shit.

So my loves:

  1. Don’t let boredom make you a dummy.
  2. Don’t ever leave the house without enough money to pay your own way or get home if you need to
  3. Don’t let your transportation depend on ANYBODY. If you drive, meet them, and if you don’t keep it local so you have more likely of a chance to call a loved one for a ride or paying cheaper if you’re riding Lyft / Uber.

Until next time, don’t live vicariously through my trash ass love life. Don’t. Do. It.

Besos, my loves!



  1. That’s right girl. You should always be able to at least have money to get back home just in case because you never know what could happen. LOL! I remember having a situation similar to this. Makes me laugh now thinking back but at the moment, I felt like I would never approach dating again.

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  2. Oh my Gawd, girl this sounds like a dating story from hell. I’m glad you got out safe and he was so TRASH, ugh!! This really sucks because I’m reluctant to start dating again cause I know dudes will do anything they can to be trash human beings.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello!
    I am a blogger over at Basically, Britain (basicallybritain.wordpress.com) and I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award!
    The post with your nomination will be going live here in just a few minutes!

    I hope you choose to participate and accept!
    I have also subscribed to your blog! It’s great!

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