GirlStuff: Femly Box!

My loves!!!

 I’ve found a new product I want to share with you guys. I had the pleasure of connecting with this beautiful spirit Mrs. Arion Long! While networking, we connected and she has this AMAZING product that I am just TOO excited about! Arion is the founder of #FemlyBox!

If you’ve followed us on twitter, you’ll know that I’ve already begun raving about this subscription box. Femly, is a monthly subscription that *drum rolls* IS FOR AUNTIE FLOW!

Femly is an organically made sanitary product for us. Arion, had been diagnosed with a cervical tumor, which prompted her research and studying when she found that her symptoms were reactions from sanitary products that we buy in the store.

Now this, is big for me because I suffer from benign ovarian cysts/tumors and am often told “we won’t bother it unless it bothers you”. Her story alone, makes me wonder if this is why I have the issues I have.


Upon looking at Femly’s site, I figure this would also be a great thing for my daughter who’s going through puberty. Where I wanted to go and buy her a nice little “it’s my time of the month” kit, I saw that Femly had everything she would need. Why? Because it gives her body an opportunity to go through the process without the toxins being sent into her young body, it’s discreet; the upgraded subscription comes with body care goodies and SNACKS (LOL) and it’s got cute packaging. Seriously, I don’t know about y’all, but cute sanitary packaging kind of helps to ease the pain and the agony. (Seriously, I buy Kotex in the box because the wrapping is pretty).


Femly uses anion technology which is a strip in the pad that helps alleviate cramps, odors, itchiness, discomfort and fights off bacteria. So yeah that gross, bloody smell and that nasty wet feeling, boop, gone.


I’ve stated before I want to provide a network of resources that aids buying black power in the black community, but to also look out for us women as a whole!

Currently, Femly is going through the manufacturing stage and is raising money to keep the subscription boxes low, and affordable. You can pre-order your box catered to your flow for as low as $8, with free shipping! Bundle packages are available as well and again, if you upgrade, THERE’S SNACKS! (I’m really excited about that part, lol).

The other big deal to this is, Femly will be housed in Baltimore which means, MORE JOBS!!

Please check out her site, support her movement and spread the word! It can save a life, seriously!





  1. This is pretty cool; thanks for sharing! The snack part is very exciting, lol, and who wouldn’t love to receive this little care package during their period? I love the health benefits, convenience and care this product seems to provide. I’m definitely checking these out.

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  2. This is a great product! Who knew that sanitary pads had such bad effects! We trust that since they are meant for our delicate parts they should be 100% healthy. This is very informative. Thank you for sharing it. 💜

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      1. Same here. I just never expected people to actually pay attention to me because I’ve had plenty other blogs before. But this one is getting the Love I wanted and it’s pushing me


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