TSW Radio

TSWRadio: Season 1, Episode 2

Hey guys!

Until the file gets to me, I’ll post quick recaps of the show. Once we can format them for the blog these will come weekly!

This was my second show and Heavy guest hosted with me, again! (THANKS B!) And we had some shit to say!

Shout out to everyone who was on the live feed. I appreciate you!! We’re gonna try from YouTube moving forward to see if it’ll save w/o Facebook blocking me for having music playing in the background. 

Topic – Netflix and Chill

Basically I learned what Netflix and Chill was back in 2015 and since then it’s been DEATH TK NETFLIX AND CHILL DATES.

Heavy and I discussed how Netflix and Chill is taking over the first date idea. We both agreed, as well as some of our twitter followers Netflix is set to make us bone! 😂😂 I’ve had more Netflix sex than Hulu sex and everyone agreed. Hulu is just better, (I think they need to sponsor me!)

Convo went deep and headed into how desensitized the black community is and rape culture.

We couldn’t save that video portion. 

Topic 2 – Cuffin Season

Basically – this is probably my first cuffin season completely single but wonders, why is it that we press for cuffing season roster. And then wanna switch it up when it’s hot? Like why can’t we be cuffed all year long? Why everybody so quick for something new, instead of keeping what they have, if working through it is obtainable?

Topic 3 – Pride in relationships

I talked about how I put my pride to the side in Love and have always gotten hurt. Heavy and I agreed sometimes it’s necessary as both men and women to put your pride to the side for Love But don’t be a fool In the process.

Men are sensitive and can’t handle what they dish out!! 

Don’t allow someone to make you change your morals or values or sacrifice your pride for the wrong reasons.

Quick snip here on my take of it all…..

​Outside of that. I had fun! Can’t wait for tonight’s show and another update Monday! 

Besos, my loves! 



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