Silent Conversations

Un-Silence your voice

Thank you for your blog. I am a twice divorced white woman with basically grown kids. And a low paying dead end job. We are very different. However, your blog is helping me realize and put voice to things I’ve not been able to. I am an empath. Always have been. I’ve struggled with it like an illness and over the years made many bad choices trying to cope with it. I’ve sacrificed much for the ones I love, and still love. I’ve an increasing desire growing, even knowing I’m at a big disadvantage being the age I am and lack of skill set needed, to attempt a future of happiness and security for myself. So thank you. I appreciate your insight and willingness to share your stories. God bless you.

My Dearest,

Thank you for sharing that with me and I am glad that my story is helping you and making that Silenced voice speak.
For me, learning that I am an empath I began to research and dig deeper. I found that as an empathic being, we collect the karma of those who we share our energy with. Thus we go through things that aren’t meant for us. That’s when I began to take the “holistic” side of healing myself.
I love sage, and lavender which all helps clears of the anxiety we feel as empaths and removes the negative energy and toxins of the people we’ve encountered.
Age doesn’t play a factor in your happiness. It’s totally okay to be selfish with you. Focus on what makes you happy! After being divorced, I took time to fall in love with myself and I am honestly just so happy in my life now, I never thought I would see it.
You deserve that happiness and anyway I can help you pull that out let me know.
Below are links to the sage that I buy and incense. Creating peace at home, removing the negative energy and toxins as well as mediating are methods I used that jump started this process. I truly believe that when home is happy, that happiness will flow everywhere else in life as well.
I hope this helps!
Take care, my love!
Ashleigh Noelle


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