Silent Conversations

Making Friends?

Hey Silenced Woman,

I need to know how to make friends. I am so bored all the time. I’m cool with people in my area online and I really wanna be their friend!! But how?! I feel like I am shooting my shot when I message them like ‘hey you’re cool wanna hang out?” 

Any suggestions?

Friendless in Seattle.

Okay. So I really can’t help you here. LOL! Seriously, I literally sent a female a message like “we always comment on each other stuff and seem to have a lot in common. We should hang out” and I seriously felt like I was shooting my shot to a chick and it was super awkward! Personally, I am a loner. I go to work and I come home. So I have no idea how to tell you how to make friends other than, just be unapologetically you. The energy and vibes you send off will bring the people to you. Oddly enough, I started being unapologetically me, and I get a lot of love from new people. Which is awesome, but I’m also very protective of me, I love my bubble of solitude and the +1 place has already been filled :). soul

So my advice is , just be you! If they post about hang out spots or whatever, comment and say that you’re interested. You have to feel froggy when it comes to making new friends. That’s something not everyone is comfortable with. Just do what feels right. Whatever you do, don’t be so pressed that you force yourself into it. That’ll never end well and that’s my story. No matter how adaptable you are, don’t force yourself to be who you’re not, to avoid being bored. I hope this helps!

To my readers – Can yall shoot some advice to this young queen?!


Besos, my love!

Ashleigh Noelle



  1. I would say don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.. try finding balance and be straight up! A lot of people now a days are sooo scared to be vulnerable that they shy people away from past hurt if you continue to live in that place you’ll never be ready to expand and allow new good people in. If you wanna be friends reach out and be real the worst thing they could do is reject you which would be cool to because it helps you begin to recognize who’s really for you and who’s not.

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