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Baltimore Ceasefire

What started out as a one weekend event to silence the streets of Baltimore from gun violence, came the movement, Baltimore Ceasefire.

Being a Baltimore native, although I’m from the county, it’s heartbreaking when I log on to social media and see the Rest In Peace messages. Sadly, it’s kinda normal now. It’s normal to drive in the city where I now live and see balloons and teddy bears hanging on light posts or bus stop benches. Even worse, seeing candle light vigils being held almost weekly, because another soul has been lost. While death is apart of life, murder should never be normal. 

I initially became involved in helping in the community in 2015 when I along with many other women assisted and supported our strong, brave and TIRED men of Baltimore and the #300Men march North Ave, a road here in Baltimore that connects the east side to the west side. Men of Baltimore walked from the west side to the east and back and it was such an amazing experience! 300menna

The women provided snacks and hydration at check points. Some of us walked with, some of us drove. We all had a job to do and I never felt more important in my life! To be apart of that, is wow. *sigh*

Baltimore Ceasefire hosted its first #BaltimorePeaceChallenge August 4th -6th, and while we did unfortunately lose two lives, Trey & Donte, the weekend was filled with residents just showing love and being peaceful and it was beautiful. There were cookouts, pool parties like it was a big deal and of course the negative Nancy’s were like “told y’all it wouldn’t happen. Don’t know why you tried” let me tell you, while the goal was 0 and we had 2, compared to the multiple shootings and murders the weeks previously? I say it did SOMETHING and everyone involved did too and thus the birth of a movement #BaltimoreCeaseFire365!!!ceasefire

The movement is by the residents for the residents. It’s so much going on in our city and we are TIRED! Sometimes I can’t decipher if I’m hearing gunshots or fireworks and where I’m jumpy and getting to safety I’ll watch my neighbors just sit and carry on. NO!! #DontBeNumb. We have to spread love and positivity. Teach a better way to handle conflict! We HAVE to get this violence out of our streets.

The next Baltimore Peace Challenge is November 3rd – 5th and we are again just asking the community to get together and spread love and positivity. Kick of the holiday season right. 

The Silenced Woman will be hosting its own event in honor of the next Baltimore Ceasefire event. We will be hosting a coat/ hat and back to school drive on November 4th. All items donated will go to homeless and low income families so that we can get them through the winter but also assist with children getting through the rest of their school year. 

TSW will also be accepting donations of no more than $10 to go towards the purchases of these items. All items will be delivered to local homeless shelters and inner city schools. If you would like to donate please do so by clicking here. If you are local and would like to help, contact me at Ashleigh.TSW@gmail.com
 If you would like to host your own event or get more detailed information on how you can help, official Baltimore Ceasefire personnel can be reached @ Bmoreceasefire@gmail.com

Being apart of something that’s bigger than yourself is amazing. I know my purpose in life is to help and the whole idea of this makes my heart happy. Help me, help my city.







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