Random Thoughts of Ashleigh Noelle TSW Radio

The Movement…

TSW started out as just an online blog to vent and deal with life. I used the name the Silenced Woman because initially I wanted to write freely without pressure about issues I deal with as a woman. It just happens that as I was sharing with very close friends , they too agreed and basically told me I needed to un-silence my voice and speak. Having the platform to do so, my blog now averages about 200 views a day with a little over 100 visitors. My subscription email list is hosting close to 300. I’ve began to network and using TSW as a way to promote me and doing the things I want to do.

9/23 we will begin hosting a radio show on Crown Media Radio. Show will run Saturday and Sunday from 10pm-midnight. I want to use this opportunity to bridge with non-readers. I am looking for a co-host. I have a young lady in mind but prior issues are a roadblock but I’m working on trying to move through because I think this will be a great move for both of us.

Feel free to download the app best fit for you and tune in! Apple | Android

11/4 we will be hosting a coat and back to school drive, in honor of the upcoming Baltimore Ceasefire event. Nobody kill anybody 11/3-11/5/17. (More details to come). Our clothing items will be shared with low income and homeless families. As well as providing those children with supplies to get them through the rest of their school year.

I am super excited to get this all up and popping for real. I truly feel like my dreams are becoming a reality. I am also working to be fully financially invested with Black owned businesses. So if you can share with me where I can get my daily and life essentials, I’d appreciate it.
I am ready to create and build a network to help women who are silenced find their voices. I’ve done so and it’s AMAZING. It takes a village, even after we’re “grown”. Let’s recreate ours and help restore our communities, our families, our hearts.

**COAT & BACK TO SCHOOL DRIVE** if you are interested in donating or helping and are local please contact me @ Ashleigh.TSW@gmail.com.

If you are not local and would like to help, I am accepting cash donations of up to $10 @ TSW Coat Drive Donation.

As I’ve said – the transformation in my life required me to leave some people in my rearview, readjust some roles. But the blessings and be WINs I am getting is just humbling. I love y’all and thank you so much for the support.




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