Random Thoughts of Ashleigh Noelle

Girl, it’s okay!

It’s summertime!

And a lot of ladies I know are single and trying to figure out what to do for the summer and I’m telling you, whatever you wanna do, girl it’s okay!

The summer after I separated with my husband 2015, was probably one of the best summers I ever had. My kids were with their dad, and I was unapologetically me, I did whatever I wanted, who ever I wanted and that was just it! I had a few “Baes” all for different purposes. Literally, Officer Bae, Music Bae, Stay the night Bae πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I was LIT!!

During that summer is when I met my love, so quite naturally my summers haven’t been as exciting because I prefer the settled lifestyle, trading club nights for movie nights and butt rubs was not a problem. 

So for my single ladies in the summer of 17 here some ideas to stay lit!

1. Don’t commit yourself to anything

  • This is the time where you really need to focus on you. Especially if you’re newly single, you basically have to find yourself again. So don’t commit. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said yes to something and then when the day comes, I don’t show. People will tell you I bluff so hard. But I love my space and quietness.

2. If your protected it, have at it

  • Be a free spirit! Have sex! It’s fun! And great exercise! seriously, I don’t see a reason to not have it. I think people who care about body counts are immature. If she/he makes ya kitty wet and the connection there, go for it girl! And it’s okay to nut and not call back. If you’re gonna do that I suggest you go to their house though. Ain’t nothing worse than a man banging on your door at 2 am cause you gave him some good and never called back. 

3. Do something new and have fun

  • In order to grow one must change, constantly. Try something new. For me every week I did something different. Sip & Paints – which I love but it’s best when you go with people you know. I’d try a new happy hour place, dedicate my self to trying a new dish, taking home a different route. 

There was so much I did that summer. I found out what I liked, didn’t like, did what I wanted to and didn’t give a shit if I didn’t want to and didn’t. This summer I’m definitely focusing on me. Getting back into the gym, learning how to do makeup and hair so I can get some side income coming in and just being me. If it doesn’t make me happy or put a smile on my face I ain’t got time and that includes anything.

I’m all about my peace and my happiness. I spend a lot of time caring for others, fighting for their approval but the reality is – ain’t nobody got me, like I got me and the only approval that matters is my own. So if it doesn’t bring me gut busting joy, ya girl ain’t in it. The suns coming up….. so ya know what that means!

Have a Happy Friday!!



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