Flirty 30 Transformation

Day 7 – Letting go..

Hey you guys,

One thing on this journey I am trying to master is the art of letting go. Letting go any and everything that doesn’t bring me happiness and peace. 

I know factually I am a sponge, I soak up everything around me. A few weeks ago during my therapy session, my therapist asked me if I’ve ever been told that I’m an empath and I said no. Since then I had spent a few days looking up information and a lot of it made sense to me and it makes me ask even more questions!

Basically what I gathered is someone who’s an empath has the ability to put themselves in your shoes, literally and figuratively. Subconsciously, your life can be influenced by others unknowingly. That’s why it’s important to watch those around you and thus I bring you this post.

Knowing such vital information, it is now super important to me to protect myself from the energy stealing demons. An article I read said that when an empath takes on others emotions “unconsciously” you’re walking around with accumulated karma, emotions and energy from others (30 Traits of an empath). I knew all this bad luck coming my way wasn’t 100% mine. 

I’ve begun to watch the way I feel when I am around certain people and if my emotions don’t stay leveled. If I fluctuate in anyway, I leave, and I’ve always done this, just never understood it til now.  My love says as Pisces we’re natural empaths, and for me it’s a bit worse because I’m an empath as a person and then my sign, makes me quite the emotional ride. He goes through hell 😩😩😩. But I’m worth it, I guess because he’s still here. 

During my transformation – I’m excluding all negativity. Unfortunately, I had to break it to a special person in my life recently that her energy is just way too toxic for me and I have to do what’s best for me even if that means she has to watch from the sideline😔. It breaks my heart because letting go of people is hard, but when you realize that holding on is doing more harm than good, letting go doesn’t hurt as much. 

I’ve listed before my daily energy cleansing rituals (Relaxing) and I can say it helps a lot. It’s just so important to pay attention to you. I thought I knew myself, and I see that I was wrong. I always wondered what people saw in me, but now I’m beginning to.

I’ll admit I don’t fully know my worth, but I’m getting there and I know that a woman who knows her worth, is a dangerous thing; I can’t wait for that day. I’ll be a force to not be fucked with 😏.


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