Random Thoughts of Ashleigh Noelle


I swear man, I never understood why women especially women of color are so harsh on each other?

We – although it doesn’t apply to all – we do not stand with those not in our circle but we as a whole – women of color – are the most attacked, degraded and disrespected all the way back to slavery. Yet, we know this and we still call each other ugly, sleep with each other’s men, disrespect relationships. We still cry when our feelings are hurt, heartbroken at the expense of a man and/or another woman.

I personally feel like we as women should be uplifting each other. Black women are powerful, and we are truly feared! That’s why we’re attacked and kept in the box and some of my sisters are too blind and stupid to realize the game.

I be ready like this, mentally.

I truly try my best not to beef with other black women. Although, there’s a few bitches on my list. I’ll cash in on em when time allows cause I never allow disrespect to go unaddressed. I’ve been called ugly, I’ve been referenced to looking like scum – because I prefer my natural and I’m not a makeup cake up whore. Yet I know people who will not and cannot expose their face to the world without some type of makeup. Those are the ones my heartbreaks for mostly.

Sorry you don’t love you girl. I love me though.

They are the ones so trapped in what people think of them, they have to constantly front. My good girlfriend said she wears makeup because she likes to and that she’s not ashamed of her bare face, yet when she’s bare face – those pics don’t make the social media. That face doesn’t walk out the house. When she doesn’t have makeup on you see the real blemishes, the nonexistent eyebrows, the acne and “crunch bar” look. Yet she will send me screen shots all day slandering “why her hair not done? She needs to wear some makeup”. When we talk I just see, hear and smell MISERY.


img_3741 Thankful for my genetics cause I’m fine as fuck without makeup. Thankful for my 4C hair, cause its natural and my puff is so easy to deal with.

Thankful to have a man who LOVES me the exact way I am, who appreciates that I don’t put on a show for the world. I cater me to those I love. 

My Love

I’m a very open person though. I have been doing my #Flirty30Transformation, and just really doing things I’ve always wanted to do. Making wigs (I made my third one last night 💅🏾), because while I don’t really care about hair. I like mine done. I just don’t know how. Sooooo wig it up!

I started getting makeup subscription boxes because I actually love makeup but I don’t know shit about it. On a good day, I’ll probably wear mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. My skin is smooth so I don’t need foundation or things of that sort and people always compliment my cheek bones. I was a model for a member of my church who started her own makeup line (Steelo Cosmestics)

Steelo Cosmetics, 2010

My life goal eventually – is to build myself and my empire. I have a lot of things on my belt and one thing most important is uniting my WOC. We are unstoppable individually, imagine the force if we’re together??




    1. Thank you love. Yeah. I love my nappy 4c. I do wear like eyeliner and mascara only bc it makes me look my age. But outside of that all that extra. It’s pretty. But it’s not me. I just want women to love them for them and not do it as a competition.

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