Random Thoughts of Ashleigh Noelle

Living w/ a & d

And I’m not talking about the ointment y’all. I’m talking about anxiety and depression.

It’s so hard and I’m currently frustrated and trying to get it out so I can feel better. I hate not having as much control over my mental. My mood changes so much, sometimes in a day. But mostly whatever emotion initially triggered is usually the one that stays.

Currently I am annoyed and irritated. I know exactly what triggered it, but I can’t find my way down from it. It sucks because I wanna talk about it, but I just don’t feel like dealing with what I’m saying being misunderstood or taken a way it’s not meant to be and then I’m left feeling worse.

My diagnosis is not new but I’m still not accustomed to it. There was a time I thought I was normal and now I’m not.

I’m tired of these days and they come so often 😔. 

– beginning to feel a little better.  Writing is a remedy.


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