Flirty 30 Transformation

Day 4 – More selfishness, less selflessness. 

Day 4 and I am excited nonetheless because I am making a conscious effort to revamp my life to bring me ultimate happiness, peace and love throughout.
Papa and I were talking and I swear my man is my best friend y’all lol. But we were talking and he’s said to me “you have to take care of you and put you first. Not saying me or us is less important but you can’t love me or let me love you when you can’t love you”.

Now for me – I was annoyed because I totally hate when  people tell me I don’t love myself or I’m not happy with myself.

However, he made a very valid point – put you first and I don’t know how to do that, truthfully. I’ve always lived my life the way others felt I should. Them being disappointed in me would tear my world apart. I always put everyone else’s needs and wants before my own. I support everybody no matter how big or small and I’ll be honest, I truly feel like with all I do, I shouldn’t have to ask not a damn person to support anything I do. Cause I feel like you’re supposed to give the love you receive, but it doesn’t work that way. 


Lol, of course not you, my readers. But to the society that surrounds me, the ones who critique me, the ones who hate me, shade me or wanna be me.

I am really excited. I don’t know what’s in store for me. But it seems I’m on the right track. My life coach is pleased, my therapist is very helpful, my love is supportive. There is never any space for negative energy in my life ever again. As he says “lay down or get down!”


Anyway – it’s Sunday. Dinner, hair treatments, video games and butt rubs are in order. 😘😘

****Special shout to one of my newest readers for some ideas on how to spice up my blog. I love you guys. Even you, my little lurker.****



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