Poems & Stories

Late nights…

3 am always rolls around when I wake up feigning for him the most. Ju’C always wanted daddy but it was always this time when she took control and my body became hers. Waking up soaking wet and gushy between my legs always catches me by surprise because I never notice the intensity of my dreams until I’m awakened by this.

Baby was home from work finally and sleeping so peacefully. He had been gone protecting our country for the last eight months and the only thing he wanted most when he came home was a meal. I was a damn good entree, too. However I am a good girl, I waited for baby while he was gone and when I woke up wanting him, I’d take a trip into my fun drawer and send him some motivation to make sure he brought his fine ass back home.

Baby was six foot one with brown hair and these beautiful teddy bear brown eyes, his military trained body is in line with “The Rock” with a personality like Channing Tatum. Bites lips, I got lucky. Baby was fit, and didn’t play when it came to our health. He taught me how, although my body isn’t bad, what I put in affects more than just satisfying my hunger and in negative ways. But that’s not what this is about, let’s just say because of Baby, I’ve been feeling my best self and he’s loving it.

Anyway, I rolled over to check my phone, 3:17 am; fuck. I have to be to work in a few hours but I can’t fall back asleep without him. Ju’C was in full rage mode, she was wetter than usual and the urge was stronger and I’m sure it was because he was there. I started wiggling around in the bed to loosen his grip on me, he always held me so tightly and any time I moved he’d hold tighter. “Where you going, princess?”, he said as he kissed my neck. ‘Bathroom, I’ll be back’ I kissed his hand and moved from the bed. Waking him wasn’t my intention, but now that I had his attention, it was party time. I handled what I needed to do in the bathroom and gave myself a pep talk, and headed back to bed.

Baby was looking at me when I came back to bed, I always smiled whenever he’d catch me looking at him. I try to admire God’s work and just smile at such a beautiful specimen. I crawled back in bed, ‘love you, baby’ I said and snuggled close. “Princess,” he said talking but singing kind of way. I laughed and kissed his arm, he began kissing my ear and neck. I really wasn’t in the mood for the sensuality tonight, making love was cool but I wanted to fuck! So I turned over and pressed my lips against his. His head was nestled in my right arm, while my left hand rubbed his man. I kissed him so passionately, sucking on his tongue and biting his bottom lip. Adjusting my hand on his dick, my rubs turned into jerks, and while she was creaming in overflow, his friend was just getting started.

“Sit on my face,” he said in between kisses and I obeyed. But tonight I wasn’t going to be the only one enjoying oral. I hated giving head but I was so in love with him, my mouth watered for it. I mounted his face like I was receiving a trophy and took his manhood into mine. Baby’s tongue work never takes me long to get there, it had been a while so he was in for a drown. I took every inch of his dick that I could in to my mouth. Sucking and slurping him slow, as his mouth made love to me, mine made love to him, but tonight wasn’t about passion, I needed him at his hardest because I wanted to feel pain.

Once I felt his shaft harden completely, I removed myself from his lips and sat on his fucking dick! I had to work him in because even though she was wet, she was tight and his entrance wasn’t easy. Mmmm, I moaned as I bit my lips. Baby had his hands on my hips to help guide his way in, I leaned over with my head into his neck moaning from the pain and pleasure. I worked my hips up and down slowly until she came and the pain went away.

Baby got excited because he started talking shit. “I missed this fuckin pussy, Princess. Take all this fuckin dick!” Pulling my hair and slamming me onto his dick, I couldn’t stop cummin and he was loving it. Baby was always rough when he handled me sexually, he grabbed me by my neck and flipped us into missionary position. “You like that shit? Huh? Crazy bitch! I love you” and just that moment baby took off, he hit this pussy in every position and made me cream and scream. He gave me everything I needed and we both came, hard and together. “Thank you baby,” I said as I kissed him and rolled over, 4:45, guess I’ll make it to work on time. I wouldn’t have it any other way, I knew I was totally gonna start loving my late nights again.


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