Random Thoughts of Ashleigh Noelle

Nothing like lovin YOU…

Have you ever just loved someone whole heartedly? Like really loved them to the point your body is sick in the midst of their absence? To the point they are the first and last thought before bed and when you wake up? Have you ever connected with someone deeper than surface level and even without them being around, the slightest reminder of them soothes your soul? I mean stuff as small as just happening to hear their favorite song on the radio or smelling their favorite meal? Having a bad day and find comfort in watching their favorite show or throwing on his t-shirt (my fave).

I have and I do! 🙋🏾🙋🏾 My Love is seriously all that and a bag of chips to me. Its a pleasing feeling to have someone in your corner who genuinely loves you, supports you and motivates you. Papa makes me aspire to be a better mother, woman and friend. He encourages and pushes me to be the best me I can be and although he gets on my nerves sometimes with his tough love antics,  I know he truly wants what’s best for me us and our family.

Its crazy because I remember hearing older women talk about they knew they had “the one” when they kept falling in love over and over again, they knew when nothing else could compare and no-one else could compete for their heart and here I am in the “new world” where these men ain’t like the old school men, and these women aren’t like the old school women. This generation is out for self. Where now, people date for help and convenience, I still date for love and he made that easy.

He gives me something to look forward to all the time no matter what. Favorite part of my day after work is going home to him and our babies, cooking dinner, playing video games, laying up and watching TV or being watched 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️, talking about any and everything from goals and dreams and plans of our future, possible moves out of state and a secret plan to kidnap all our kids and living happily ever after. I’m a cuddle bug and find peace and security in his arms every night, and when he’s not there its hard sometimes.

My past relationships were nothing like my current, even with once being married, this one has by far been my favorite. I truly fall in love with this man every time I see him from his smile, to the way he bops his head side to side while he’s playing the game and listening to music. I hate how his showers are like 5,011 hours due to his jam session 😒 but he always smells so good so I don’t get mad. Even if that does mean I gotta take a semi-warm shower because I was busy and didn’t make it up into the shower with him in time. I find myself truly engulfed in this man and he probably doesn’t even know a fraction of what he means to me and that’s ok because as long as he knows I love him nothing else really matters. We’ve hit a few bumps in the road, but our story is my favorite and I’m excited that it’s still being written.

My song for Papa right now Nothing like loving you x Amerie 

image1Every single touch
Every on my mind
Cross my heart
Don’t know why
It’s nothing like loving you




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