Random Thoughts of Ashleigh Noelle

#WINNING… eh maybe not, now.

Man, do I remember the days when life handed me already made lemonade instead of fuckin lemons! I feel like sometimes I cannot catch a break. I remember when life was simple. I remember when it was easy, and the older I got the harder it got. Its exhausting, because just think, I DIDN’T ASK TO BE HERE! (Thanks mom & sperm donor).

I don’t even really want much in life, just – happy kids, happy man, happy home. I would like to excel a little more in my career but not too much; I want some responsibility but not a lot, so I’ve chimed my amazing work ethics down, lol. I want peace and tranquility. Most of all I want to be happy by any means necessary. I want my love life with bae to flourish beyond all the hate and shade. I want that life where “they” say ‘I can’t stand her ass but she doing her thing tho!” My kids, I would just like them to chill a little bit, because their hyper-ness is equivalent to pet store puppies during visiting hours.

Overall, I just wanna win, again. I miss the blessings in disguise. I miss when the curveballs came sporadically instead of constantly. As my self-adopted nana would say “chile the devil is busy!” I miss the life I began to build and envision in 2016. I can’t wait until I dip out of this sunken place, and begin to rebuild our lives again.



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