Random Thoughts of Ashleigh Noelle


It’s been a while, like week and so much has happened. But fret not because I’ll be okay.

I started a new position at work and honestly, I’ve been battling with truly not wanting to be anyone’s employee anymore. I mean, being in school studying management I look at the workplace with different eyes and I don’t like it.

In the time that I’ve been employed, I have a handful of managers who were decent. During my classes, I read an article that said how people don’t quit jobs, they quit managers and I believe it. Any time I’ve left a place it’s mostly been because of management.

People wanna feel valued and appreciated and too often at work that goes unnoticed. And that’s where I am. My last position, they edited my time card to remove my OT (value depreciated) and I felt like with all the work I did to make things easy, it went unappreciated. So now I’m in this new place, trying to not find anything wrong, or maybe really step up with writing and start collecting myself another check.

Anyway, my spirits have been low, and I need to register for summer semester. Take Care.



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