Random Thoughts of Ashleigh Noelle

Let him go, sis

I remember sitting around with my sister in law after I decided I didn’t want my marriage anymore and this is what she said to me – do not let him go if you don’t want the world to have him.

It was something I didn’t understand. Why would we break up if I wasn’t ready to move on? I never understood women and their “scare” tactics on these men. “Oh he not doing right lemme break up with him to teach a lesson” and just because you were able to reconnect before in the past doesn’t mean you will this time, why? Cause he’s gonna meet himself a me.

Yes, sis. There are women out here who will take the man you complain about to all your friends and will love him back to wholeness where you left him broken. There’s a woman out there who will love him from the way he blinks to the way he cracks his toes.

And when he finds her, sis don’t come back. Don’t confess your love. Don’t say you’ve made a mistake and you wanna work it out. Why? Because there’s no more space for you. You nulled your position when you ended your contract with him. Let him live sis. Let him love sis. And next time make sure you’re sure before you walk away and not let love win.





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