Welcome! Welcome! I started my blog back in 2015 and left it sitting. Been going through a lot and this is my outlet so, I am back! I will write about any and everything that comes to me. You’ll read stories (Insatiable Desires), Poetry & songs (Poetry) and then my rants (Random thoughts of Ashleigh Noelle).

I’ve recently added an advice coloumn called Silent Conversations. If you would like to talk about anything  you can e-mail, tweet or facebook me (Talk to me). All of the information will remain confidental. If you include names, they will be asterisk out for privacy.

Too often I find myself silencing or being silenced. More often, I find people who can relate. I’m here for them. I give great advice, that I don’t listen to, I’m here for those who wants the advice, but pass on judgement if they don’t follow. I’m here for the YOU you hide from everyone else.

So enjoy this ride called life, and feel free to hit me up. Suggestions, comments, concerns – all of it, I’d love to hear from you!